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Matthew King
Matthew King

The Way Love Goes (Android) \/\/TOP\\\\

I love the idea of open, transparent, free. I hate the lack of smoothness on any android phone I have ever tried. Its funny how our patience for response has gone down to zero in this new digital age.

The Way Love Goes (Android)

I went from BB to Android about 2 1/2 years ago and never looked back. It was such a good decision. I had a Droid and recently upgraded to a Thunderbolt. I love the Thunderbolt, but the battery life is truly abysmal. other than that the phone is awesome and completely rocks. I also sport an Asus Transformer tablet to further cement my androidiness. The rapid growth and open environemnt is one of the main reasons we are first deploying our upcoming app TotalTab to Android first, and iPhone secondly. And blackberry possibly a distant third!

we re already on android and users love our app. but from a monetization point of view we see more a lot more business activity and requests on iOS than for Android. we believe the reason is that developers on android have not found a way to monetize seriously their app and therefore have less ability to invest in marketing their service.This is an issue to grow so fast as an ecosystem and not to have a happy developer community. This will change because of all the efforts Google is puting in billing , in app and market upgrades. But this is not there yet and iOS has a strong advance on this

Since this blog post is about task management, we will focus on task management with AirSend. Android users love how easy it is to create reminders, assignments, and other tasks with a click-of-a-button.

Trello is a kanban-based organizer that helps you get back in control of your work and daily life. Users love the design and the aesthetic wallpapers. With Trello, Android users have the capability to:

Users also love the security features that Keep offers, such as password protection. However, some common complaints from Android users are that over time the app slows down, making it difficult to work the app. In terms of pricing, the app is free to install.

Rita was a Managing Editor at Android Police. Once upon a time, she was a pharmacist as well. Her love story with Android started in 2009 and has been going stronger with every update, device, tip, app, and game. She lives in France, speaks three languages and a half, and watches a lot of TV series. 041b061a72


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