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Matthew King
Matthew King

HDRI Light Kit Pro GSG Fixed Crack

Build entire studios from scratch, or choose from a wide selection of studio presets. Use Render Switch to easily change between built-in and third-party render engines. With Light Kit Pro 3, you have countless options for customizing your lighting.

HDRI light kit pro GSG crack

This HDRI Studio Rig product training will get you started with your new HDRI Studio Rig plugin and your renderer. HDRI Studio Rig is a lighting plugin from Greyscalegorilla that simplifies image based lighting in Cinema 4D.

A decade after the original Light Kit Pro simplified 3D lighting, the landscape has completely changed. HDRI are everywhere, 3D artists work in multiple industries, and motion designers now rely on several third-party render engines. We wanted to make lighting easier, again.

Light Kit Pro 3 introduces seven new light types. Have total control over Softbox, Umbrella, Kino Flo, LED Ring, Ring, Panel, and Ambient lights. Each light includes unique parameters and unique geometry.

The popular softbox light has been rebuilt into a customizable softbox, giving you the ability to create countless light shapes with unprecedented control over your reflections. The softbox now allows for multiple edges, meaning you can choose between a three-sided, square, round, or octagonal softbox.

All seven lights includes optional physical objects for the surface, housing, stands, and mounts. This will create more realistic reflections and parallax. You will have separate control over the cast light and the reflected light, allowing you to precisely dial in a look. You can independently brighten a reflection without affecting the overall brightness.

Want to adjust the global scale, intensity, temperature, or tint of all the lights in your scene? Use the new Light Kit Studio object and parent all child lights for easy control. Worried about how the light will work in other renderers? We have carefully calibrated every light to look as similar as possible when using the new Render Switch feature.

RENDER-READY STUDIOSLight Kit Pro 3 gives you the ease of creating your own studios using the lights and cyc objects, allowing you to save your own custom Light Kit Pro Studios for future use. In addition, the plugin ships with 40 Studio Essential presets, professionally built lighting studios that are render-ready so you only have to drop your object into your scene and go.

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