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Matthew King
Matthew King

Envy Kenya LINK

Upon landing, Skyship had Champagne and breakfast waiting a short drive away. I gazed off as another hot-air balloon took flight. While I was happy to return to our Land Cruiser for another day of wildlife watching, I couldn't help but envy the folks floating off on their skyward safari.

envy kenya


When my friend and colleague Mary Loftus journeyed to Mozambique earlier this year to report on Emory-based efforts to strengthen public health care there, she called me from the plane before taking off from Hartsfield-Jackson. At home, cooking dinner and checking science homework, I felt a pang of envy. Read more

Indians are constant targets of violence not because of any particular anti-Indian feeling, but because they are the richer of the species. They have bigger homes and more wealth for the looters and the thieves. Kenyans, who serve in these homes, are witnesses to conspicuous consumption by the Indians. Many homes resemble Hindi movie sets the Kenyans watch with envy every day.

Many Indians are honest businessmen, who have made money by the sweat of their brow. But envy and greed on the part of the Africans make them ready targets of violence. Kenyan Indians have so many interests in the country that they consider a few robberies and deaths acceptable risks. They send the younger generation away to the West, but they themselves stay on to enjoy the fruits of their labour over the years. 041b061a72


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