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Matthew King
Matthew King

Download Kryakvin The Modern French Volume Tarrasch Pdf

Gawain Jones est GM anglais, il est particulièrement redoutable en blitz. Il nous propose dans cet ouvrage un répertoire pleins de surprises avec 1.e4. ce volume se concentre sur la Sicilienne, la Caro, la Scandinave et l'Alekhine, un deuxième opus est prévu toujours avec 1.e4 et couvrira lui, la Française, la Pirc, la moderne, la Philidor et d'autres défenses plus confidentielles. 427 pages

Download Kryakvin The Modern French Volume Tarrasch pdf

Karsten Mueller is arguably one of the greatest chess experts of the modern era. He has a very scientific way of looking at things and this stems from his background in mathematics. That's why when he decided to make a complete series on endgame training, you know that it is going to be comprehensive. Karsten begins in volume 1 with Basic knowledge for beginners and then goes to rook endgames, followed by Major piece endgames, strategic endgames, endgame principles of activity, initiative, domination, prophylaxis, weakness and fortresses. There are also volumes on interesting material imbalance like rook vs knight or rook vs bishop and so on. One thing is for sure, if you have the patience to go over all 14 volumes of what Karsten Mueller teaches here, you are sure to become an endgame expert. 041b061a72


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