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Matthew King
Matthew King

Watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Online: Stream or Download in HD

amazingspiderman2fullmovieinhindihd1080p22 amazingspiderman2fullmovieinhindihd1080p22 i can also do this for the other 2 images as well but i'll leave that up to the one who gets this bounty. a: you have an error in the code because you are using $.getjson() when the api you are querying is returning jsonp. try to change the way you're using $.getjson() and use $.ajax() like so: $.ajax( url: "", method: "get", success: function(data) if (data && data.partner!= "") if (data.in_description) $('#video_22_h2').html(data.in_description); $('#video_22_p').in_description_tags); else $('#video_22_h2').html(""); $('#video_22_p').html(""); var video =; if (video) $('#video_22_thumb').attr('src', ""); else $('#video_22_thumb').jpg"); else $('#video_22_h2').html(""); ); i'm sure there is a way to combine both into 1 ajax request but i didn't go that way. of its validity.


about me: i'm a student at the ohio state university. i've been programming for four years now. i enjoy writing games and operating computers. i have a lot of computing experience, but am brand new to the game industry.

what's next?: my next project will be an iphone / ipad game. i already have the game plan outlined and i've found a company i want to partner with . your input is greatly valued, so please let me know!


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